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Wild Animals

Before removing an animal from the wild, please contact us, another wildlife rehabilitator, or the Kansas Department of Wildlife Parks and Tourism. Animals removed from the wild must be brought to licensed rehabilitators for care. Not only are rehabilitators best prepared to care for them, but some animals carry diseases and parasites that can be transmitted to humans. It is also illegal to possess wildlife without the appropriate licenses. This can easily result in legal action and animals being euthanized by authorities. Wild animals are not pets and should never be kept as such. Each year, animals are needlessly removed from the wild because people think they are helping, especially young animals left alone while their parents are foraging. By contacting someone experienced with wildlife, you can ensure that you are taking the appropriate steps to help an animal. In some cases, this means do nothing or providing assistance without removing them, like fencing off a rabbit nest. If an animal must be removed from the wild for rehabilitation, you must follow all instructions given to you. Simple things meant to help can lead to the deaths of animals, like giving water to baby birds.


We provide a variety of services to injured, sick, orphaned, displaced, and threatened wildlife. Our trained volunteers have years of experience and operate under the necessary state and federal wildlife rehabilitation licenses. If you have or are aware of an animal in need of our help, call us at 785-259-3675.

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