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Feral Cats

We wish that all cats were indoor cats in loving homes, but that is far from reality. The truth is that there are millions of feral cats throughout the country. Their lives are difficult and often short, and they can decimate wildlife populations. To address this issue, we believe in comprehensive management programs for feral cats. This includes trap neuter return (TNR); providing food, water, shelter, and healthcare; and monitoring the colony for new cats. TNR is a method of population control for feral cats in which they are captured using live traps then spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and surgically marked. If you are interested in our feral cat services, contact us.

Feral Cat Reporting

You can help our grant team get funding simply by reporting feral cats in western Kansas. We will use the compiled information to show the need for TNR services. Depending on the circumstances, the cats reported could be spayed or neutered through grants obtained using the data about them. Reporting can be done anonymously, but we encourage you to leave your information, which will only be used to contact you regarding the cats. If you want to help us gather data, submit a feral cat report form.

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